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We are Neurona

Neurona has established the mission to provide their clients with the best, most complete digital commerce experience.

This includes everything from creating a brand’s identity, planning its strategy, telling stories and experiences with creative content, building its website and CRM, providing professional photography and video production; all of this to be able to develop a digital marketing strategy that accomplishes each client’s unique goals. We create digital solutions that makes a difference to your business from the rest and provide the most favorable results.

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Our Story

Neurona Agency was born in 2012 with the mission of creating business connections, services and products that left a lasting impact in the minds of our customer’s consumers.

It’s founders established Neurona with one idea in mind, to revolutionize the digital marketing industry among the latin markets. In the beginning, Neurona focused exclusively on services for the creation of web pages. In time, while they still kept our roots present, they noticed the digital marketing area had evolved and so did them. Moving forward, Neurona has transformed into a full e-commerce agency, providing digital solutions to its clients.

With a main office located in the fast-paced and competitive area of La Milla de Oro in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico and a second home in Orlando, Florida; their team is committed and working hard, day to day to accomplish all of their clients goals and provide a one-on-one experience for each of and every one of them.

We’re nothing like the traditional digital agencies you’ve seen before; our style and creative process will guarantee a more enjoyable experience for both us and our clients.

We are Neurona!


Creativity unites us

This belief is at the heart of our brand DNA. The diversity in our team is what makes our minds connect the most exceptional ideas, creating well thought experiences and solutions for our clients. These ideas are responsible for causing that electronic impulse Neurona works for, resulting in a synapsis between clients and their consumers.

Make it better

Our commitment to build life long bonds is what makes us not only deliver what’s expected, but go beyond expectations to produce work of genuine, lasting value. Here at Neurona we don’t believe in staying in our comfort zone, but making that synapsis the most successful one.

Express yourself

Creativity ignites when everyone is empowered and able to be their full self, whether that is being loud, quiet, weird or wild. Here at Neurona we believe in being true to each of our personalities that makes us unique.

Maximum respect

We respect each other, our work, our clients, our boundaries – always. Through respect, we build trust and demonstrate our commitment to each other and to our mission.

Relentless curiosity

We never settle or are satisfied with the obvious, the easy, the convenient. We explore the world around us with constant wonder and deliver that in our work. It is our curiosity what makes our creativity grow and the electronic impulse between neurons a successful synapsis.

Be real

When we speak, we are clear and direct. When we listen, we are attentive and empathetic. We value feedback, reflection and effective communication to be able to create high-performing teams resulting in success and giving clarity to our work.

Embrace change

Change is constant in our industry. We embrace it and see everything as a new opportunity for us to move forward and continue creating those life long bonds. For us, it’s not the change but how we emerge in it and use it in our favor to evolve.

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Through the years, Neurona has emerged into different industries and created successful bonds between their clients and its consumers, expanding their knowledge and making them experienced in what works and what doesn’t for each of them. This has given their team the capacity to create, develop, deliver and improve.

Technology Partners

As part of our professional development and as experts in our work, we have chosen to join forces with different partners who have given us the ability to continue developing and serving different clients and their brands. Among them are:

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