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Four Trends That Will Mark Digital Marketing This Year

One of the changes that merchants will see and face will be the disappearance of cookies, making it a challenge to be able to communicate with their consumers.

A year after the pandemic began and many merchants saw digital platforms as an essential tool for their businesses, the population began to worry about their safety when buying through the different pages. This has led business owners to face different changes if they want to continue increasing their sales digitally, regardless of the lockdown.

Thanks to Lotame, a firm specialized in data enrichment solutions to meet consumers, we can highlight 4 changes that will change the digital marketing industry in 2021.

More importance to privacy and identity

This year we will see the construction of a more secure and reliable digital world thanks to the laws of the United States. Merchants will face the great challenge of accessing their users’ information as methods that have been used so far, such as email, will not be as accurate in retaining this information.

We will not see the disappearance of all cookies

After Google Chrome announced that by 2022 they would no longer support the use of cookies as a method of tracking user information, the marketing and advertising industry panicked.

However, although we know that this will not be possible, since not all of them are prohibited, it is an issue that we will keep an eye on and on which traders will increase the pressure. Cookies being a main method of data measurement.

Improve information protection

Since the media and platforms will increase their security, it is very likely that we will see advertisers demanding new forms of monitoring and the media will be forced to provide them with new tools that make their investment in advertising cost effective.

Higher quality, better benefits

Although we will not see the disappearance of cookies in their entirety, if we can ensure that there will be a change and this will lead the media to provide greater data accuracy and in turn advertisers will be forced to provide richer and higher profiles quality to ensure that precision.


How do you think businesses will be affected if this happens?

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