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How Can You Increase Your Followers?

Today social networks are a large part of our day to day. Whether it is to share things that happen to you in famous stories, sell items, promote a store or service, communicate with long-distance relatives or be an “influencer”. The latter has become a trend in recent years. Many are looking to generate an income or maybe just share their favorites with their followers. This is something that takes time and effort, especially to have a large number of followers, who not only follow you but support you and are faithful to your page.

The people who are dedicated to this, to be the so-called “influencers”, are people who strive to bring first-rate content and great interest to their followers. Many think it is an “easy” job, but it is not. Content creation is not an easy job and often requires a lot of time, the right team depending on the content and above all, engaging with your followers so that they identify with you and want to continue being your followers.

1. Be constant
In order to increase the number of followers on your social networks, it is necessary to be consistent with your target audience. That is, you must upload content often, answer messages, comments and especially at the beginning when you are starting your page.


2. Study your target audience
It is important to know what your audience wants to see. Read their comments, their doubts and complaints. A good way to do this is with stories where you can ask the preferences of each one of them. Either with the Poll, Questions or Quiz options. This will help you whenever you have questions about what to upload and share.

3. Check what other “influencers” do
We are not talking about copying content, but it is important to familiarize yourself with the content of others and use tools that they use. There is nothing wrong with implementing similar strategies that will help you too.


4. Have a pattern on your profile
This is something that has become very popular among “influencers” and is to keep a consistency in how the photos look on your profile. This can be done by selecting a filter for all your photos, creating a pattern of what you post or the sequence of photos. In this way, your profile will be more attractive and will attract the attention of those who visit it.


5. Quality and personality is the key
Good quality photos, topics of interest, interaction with your audience, shows who you are. These are some points that you should keep in mind when managing your page. This will help you not only create good content but also that those people who visit your profile or comment want to stay and continue interacting with your content.

6. Use all the tools
Making good use of the tools provided by each social network is key. Vary your content so that your audience does not get bored and depending on the social network you use, your strategies should also vary. For example, on Instagram you not only upload photos in your Feed but also use stories, create videos, IGTV, Reels, etc.


7. Interact with your audience
Perhaps the most important point. Answer the comments, direct messages and if you have a store share photos where your customers tag you. All of this will make your followers loyal and they will not end up unfollowing you. This can also be achieved by a “follow back”, where not only your followers go up but you also help others to grow.

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