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Neurona is a leading non - traditional, digital agency in Puerto Rico

with headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Orlando, Florida.

At Neurona we connect our digital commerce expertise, values and ideas to provide digital solutions for each and every one of our clients. This includes branding, content creation, marketing strategies, web design and many more.

Our agency offers everything our clients need to stand out and differentiate from others.  Using and partnering with technology partners that facilitate each and every service we provide.

As part of our team, we count with a group of professionals that work daily to deliver the best results in a timely manner and reach each of our clients goals.

Be part of our group of experts and help us connect innumerable ideas!


Social Media Coordinator

Our Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for connecting ideas and delivering them to our client’s pages.


  • Plan, create, edit and publish original and creative content.
  • Monitor content to increase brand awareness and sales.
  • Create engaging stories and other social media content.
  • Scheduling and posting.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in communications, marketing, advertising or related field.
  • Must be a fashion lover and enjoy creating content for fashion related fields.
  • Knowledge in social media strategy, content creation and community management.
  • Fully Bilingual and excellent writing skills.


Account Executive

Be the “face” of Neurona and the connection between our clients and the rest of the team. You will be responsible for daily matters, making sure all projects, campaigns, strategies and work in general is finished on time and exceeds expectations. Being in direct contact with our Account Directors and reporting to them daily results.


  • Build long-term relationships with new and existing clients.
  • Focus on our clients’ needs, understand their product/service objectives and have a full overview of their competitors.
  • Identify new opportunities for our clients and how we can implement them to create effective business solutions.
  • Create and manage key documents including presentations, briefs, statements of work, media plans, reports and integrated marketing plans and tactics.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in communications, marketing, advertising or related field.
  • Knowledge of how to apply communication strategies across the board.
  • Experience with digital assets, social media content, blogs, media plans, media reports, and website production.
  • Fully bilingual and with excellent writing skills.
  • Great negotiation and objection management skills.
  • Great listener, team player and able to work under pressure.


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