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A la Orden Discount, a proudly Puerto Rican company, has been a leader in the sale of household goods and furniture for over 45 years. Its brand includes prestigious lines such as General Electric, Monogram, and Frigidaire. Its initial goal was to revamp their marketing strategy to attract a new generation of shoppers to their store.


It was identified as a problem to be solved that young consumers and those from other parts of the island, outside the metropolitan area, consider the furniture store as an option when renovating or buying furniture for their home.


As part of the strategy, we established all around digital media plan where campaigns were generated and reached the family and home fiber, maintaining the origin and permanence of “A la Orden Discount” through all generations. Neurona also created an E-commerce on the Magento PWA platform, where users could choose and search for products and/or appliances in a simple way through main categories and subcategories. This robust platform was used to make the customer experience agile and simple from their computer or mobile device. Thanks to this we were able to measure purchases, search history, abandoned carts, and direct promotions to existing customers in real time. This made it easier for us to create accurate reports and analytics, giving the company the ability to make decisions about inventory and customer preference with real time measurable data.


Thanks to this strategy, an increase in leads and purchases was obtained in record time. While still being able to save the advertising budget by more than 50%, we captured the attention of customers in other towns on the island and adjacent towns. Thus, ensuring the leadership of A la Orden Discount in terms of household purchases in Puerto Rico and adjacent towns. 



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