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Aprobado Auto Program is a car classified where users can search for the car of their choice, simplifying the results with different filters that suit their needs and facilitating communication with the dealer who has the car in their inventory. In addition, it is a digital platform where dealers have the opportunity to present their vehicles and have greater flexibility when selling them. With Aprobado Auto Program it may be possible to acquire the car that the prospect needs so much.


Get potential buyers to visit the digital auto classified aprobadoauto.com to choose the car that meets their needs. In addition, to build a closer link between the executives of the Aprobado Auto Program and the dealerships and thus strengthen the link between the prospect, the dealer and Aprobado Auto Program.


As a first step, we increased advertising through social networks to get the platform out there, its services and increase the traffic of prospects. On the other hand, we created events for owners and managers of dealerships, where Aprobado Auto Program could connect and expose its services to facilitate the tools that they can contribute to their dealership and in turn make it possible to approve loans to clients without credit at the time of purchase.


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