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Friday Intimates is a luxury lingerie brand focused on latin women and for all shapes and sizes. Its mission is to carry a message of inclusion where every woman can feel sexy, a leader and a professional when using Friday Intimates.


As part of its obstacles and the fact that the lingerie market is generally focused on the slim and skinny woman, Friday Intimates asked us to create an inclusive brand identity and make it visible to all types of women, regardless of their size. The main requirement was to create a fresh, elegant and high-quality campaign, where lingerie pieces were promoted for women and not the other way around.


As part of the plan, we created a brand marketing with a modern and elegant visual strategy. We used media such as social networks and an online page with photos where the pieces, their quality and good fit were shown. We selected regular and plus size models, we chose locations for the photos that were in the same line that we wanted to present and a unique brand marketing was created. For the development of e-commerce, the latest technology was used and modules were incorporated to synchronize and analyze the inventory in real time. This created a “user friendly” experience for users, especially in its mobile version. On the other hand, a dashboard for easy interpretation of reports and statistics was designed for decision making and business intelligence for its managers.


In record time, Friday Intimates has been incorporated into local and international markets, positioning itself as a leading and a vanguard brand in the fine lingerie market for women of all shapes and sizes.

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