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Use Google as a Tool for Your Next Purchase

Thanks to the pandemic, online stores have benefited from an exponential increase in sales. Because we have had little access to physical stores and many have used “shopping” as a way to clear their minds, many merchants have been forced to create virtual stores which, as we have talked about previously, are very beneficial, not only for the merchant if not for the buyer. One of the disadvantages of this way of sales is that you always need a card number, expiration date and information on hand (or in mind) to process a payment. To avoid this, Google has created a so-called “wizard” which will allow you to store your information safely, quickly and having a payment method at hand anytime, anywhere.

Remembering this information will no longer be an impediment to making a purchase, but through your fingerprint or facial recognition, Google will provide you with the information and fill in the pertinent spaces to make a purchase. This service or help will be made through Chrome and it will be a benefit that you can have in other applications such as Google Maps, when you make a reservation at a restaurant or hotel.

What is this about? Suppose you are using Google Maps and on the way you decide to make a dinner reservation at a restaurant. If you make the reservation through the application, the local will be able to verify that you made a reservation through it and will use your data already saved by Google to complete the payment of your account. In the same way, every time you return to the restaurant, you can pay with this service.

This will facilitate and make the payment process more secure. Not only because of how your information will be stored, but you will also not have to have contact with an ATM, or use devices that others have already touched. This will benefit locals and consumers in many ways now in times of pandemic.

What do you think of this feature?

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